Absolutism Essay

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Absolutism Cardinal Richelieu was a political advisor to Louis XIII. His powerful leadership as Frances first minister helped the country to become a one of the most powerful in Europe. He made sound political decisions or at least to the opinion of Louis XIV. Cardinal Richelieu believed that for France to have a significant European state, Louis XIV must rule as an absolutist. Cardinal Richelieu also helped Louis XIV gain control of France by ceasing the rebellion of the Huguenots and stripping them of all of their political and military power. He promised Louis XIV that he would “…ruin the Huguenot party…” and rises up Louis XIV good name. (Cardinal Richelieu, 1624). According to Louis XIV in his “Memoires for the Instruction of the Dauphin, “Important as it is to be ruled only by a single person, it is just as important for the one who performs this function to be placed so far above the others…” (Louis XIV, n.d.). Louis XIV believed in his absolutist views as King and wanted to instill them in his son. He felt that the only way a country can become as powerful as France had become is with one central ruler. James I of England was certain that a king was above the law. A king shall make and interpret the law and have authority over everyone in his kingdom. King James I trusted that because he implements the law he shall abide by them at his will, but only as he sees fit. Cardinal Richelieu of France, Louis XIV of France, and James I of England all considered absolutism to be important in ruling a country. Only one powerful ruler could anticipate his subjects to follow in his rule. Absolutism reigned powerful with Louis XIV and James I. References Richelieu, Cardinal. (1624). Political Testament. Retrieved on January 15, 2012 from http://ottawau.blackboard.com/courses/1/HPS-35154-SP-2012-OA/content/_737715_1/dir_week1.zip/index.html Louis

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