Absolute Zero Question and Answer Essay

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Absolute Zero Video Questions Chem 1405 QC278 1. What happened in London in the 17th century? Figuring out what cold is. 2. What “magic” did the alchemist Drebble attempt for King Henry? Tried to make a room cold by using a fan, and ice mixed with salt 3. What was the dominant theory about cold in Robert Boyle’s day? Cold was a primordial substance that shrinks when they get cold, and expands as they get warmer 4. What did Boyle’s experiments convince him about cold? That heat is a form of motion of a particular kind as bodies cool down the particles move less and less 5. How did Boyle explain that substances expand when they warm up? He thought back to his air experiments, and explained that the particles have spring like coils that expand as they heat 6. Describe the earliest alcohol thermometers. The alcohol thermometers were used because alcohol was lighter then mercury, and expands much more with heat. These Florentine thermometers were usually several meters high, and wound into spirals. The problem was a lack of a universal temperature scale. 7. How did Fahrenheit make thermometers smaller? Used mercury 9. What strange twist did Anders Celcius incorporate into his thermometers? He placed the his temperature scale at o degree for the boiling point, and ent downward and placed the freezing point at 100 degrees 10. What did the physicist Amonton contribute to the understanding of hot and cold? Amonton was doing heating, and cooling experiments. He saw that when he cooled the object that when the temp dropped so did the pressure. So he thought what would happen if you kept pushing the pressure back. So he was the first person to think of the zero point or absolute zero. Temperatures could only fall to this point. He did not do the experiments, but was the one who contributed this idea. 11. What did Lavoisier incorrectly

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