Absolute vs. Constitutional

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5.02 Magazine Template Absolute vs. Constitutional Ivan IV , also known as Ivan The Terrible. He was born August 25, 1530. He was the first Tsar of Russia . This couple replaced James II & VII as he fled the country. This joint reign began in February 1689. The differences and similarities of Ivan IV and William & Mary. Ivan IV , also known as Ivan The Terrible was the Tsar of Russia. He wanted complete control and he got it .He rose to power at the age of 3 when his father died and at 16, he crowned himself as the Czar of Russia. He expand Russia from being the land around Moscow into a large nation with similar European holdings that it has today ,create a standing army , get rid of the last opponents in the immediate area, the Khanates of Kazan and Astrakhan , and Begin the rapid expansion into Siberia. Overcame trade problems early in his reign and fought a long war towards the end of his reign which devastated the russian economy. Of course he made a army and gave Russia the power of war but as for anything else, he did nothing to help the economy at the time. This is William and Mary , a joint reign. They were a constitutional monarchy because they simply wanted not the total power over their people, but to give them freedom. They replaced James II & VII, Mary's father and William's uncle and father-in-law, who was "deemed to have fled" the country. Parliament offered William and Mary a co-regency. They signed the English Bill Of Rights, which stop many conflicts between the crown and parliament and the end of the idea that England would be restored to Roman Catholicism, King William being a Protestant leader. They were childless, so of course when they both died Mary’s sister stepped in. They stopped many conflicts within the nation and gave their people more freedom They were both monarchies. Ivan was an
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