Absolute Power Essay

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Absolute Power Is Good Or Not I personally believe absolute power is not good. The story is religious, moral and satirical. It portrays that powerful people holding absolute power are generally corrupt, cruel, greedy and ambitious. However, some ideas of story are bit less convincing. Does a king really murder his own citizen for vineyard? Does God really exist? Does God really punish the evildoers? Thus, I am not fully convinced. Naboth had a vineyard. It was nearby the palace of the king Ahab. The king told Naboth to give him the vineyard for money. But Naboth refused to give the inheritance of his fathers to the king. The king became sad and ate no bread. Then the queen Jez'ebel made a plot to kill Naboth and capture his vineyard. She ordered the nobles of the city to bear witness against Naboth to prove that he blasphemed Lord and the king. The Naboth was carried out of city and stoned to death. When the king was ready to capture the vineyard of Naboth, Lord sent Eli'jah to warn the king. Eli'jah warned the king that he was the enemy of Lord as he involved into evil work by killing Naboth and capturing his possession. This story based on the Bible. It tells us that powerful people are generally very corrupt and the often misuse their power. They can't control their evil intentions and greed for property. They don't fall behind to commit even serious crimes to fulfill their desires. The story also tries to show that most of the ancient kings were cruel and autocratic like King Ahab. The people holding absolute power generally misuse it and suppress general people. They are generally selfish, corrupt and ambitious. In such situation, citizens can't enjoy rights, freedom, and justice. In this story innocent citizen like Naboth become the victim of the tyranny and cruelty of King Ahab. But the Lord is everywhere and sees everything. He never happy with those who

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