Absence of Teamwork Essay

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In this company, in Organizational Behavior , workers refuse to and are unable to perceive and plan and complete high performance team work with competency. Teamsin organizational culture are required to plan organizational goals together andindividually with acquired organizational competency, and to communicate limitation inhigh performance behavioral outcomes, and to take responsible self control and stressmanagement to avoid intraorganizational tension and individual low performance thathinders individual and team’s reorganized motivation and influence andaccomplishments. Effective teams are a particular set of individuals organized to meetand implement expectations, team requirements, agendas, work outcomes, conflictresolutions when they arise, and communicate feelings of high individualism and groupcompetency’s agreeableness. This company cannot complete effective team competencythat they are disorganized and lack high ethics motivation and accountable, planning processes.Most of the team members refuse to accept high organizational performance goalsmanagement with enthusiasm before beginning their team agendas in the morning. Teammembers complain of completing team work organization in the morning, and they arestressed and “yelling” ( Organizational Behavior , 2011, p. 380). Their work performanceis perceived negatively and excessive and workers are unable to negotiate team organization motivation and competency. Members are tensed when they are left withaccomplishing team work organized and planned to be completed by someone else. Theteam’s agenda includes a finance project requirement to be completed by 6 workers “thenight before the due date” (p. 381). Some members were able to resolve their individualwork outcome before the meeting with strong work ethics; consequently, one members isabsent in the meeting and a member perceived the absence
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