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Abroad Education Is a Bridge of Communication between Nations Over a quarter of a million US students studied at foreign institution during the 2009-2010 school year. At the same time, “International students flocked to US colleges and universities in record numbers in the 2010-2011 academic year. The number surged nearly 5 percent over the previous year, reaching 723,277” (LaFranchi). The past decade has seen the rapid growth of students studying abroad, including international students studying in the US and American students joining study abroad programs in countries across the globe. Some hold the belief that education in the US is the best, and English is the global language so that there is no need for Americans to study abroad. In contrast, others insist that the importance of communicating with the world should not be ignored. Abroad education is a bridge of communication between nations. It can not only enrich your knowledge, but you can also learn how to respect another culture and from foreign friends’ eyes, you understand your own culture better. What’s more, with a wonderful international experience, one would become more competitive among today’s fierce competition. To begin with, abroad education gives students an access to a totally different cultural environment, which has a great influence on students. As far as I am concerned, my one-year exchange study in America plays a very important role in my understanding of culture. I am not on any social culture cause, but it just run through my daily life. I find a lot to learn here and every small progress makes me happy, even learning a new word from a packing paper. Once I understand the difference between two similar words, I can use them properly in corresponding situation and avoid certain culture shock, which helps me understand another culture better. When I hear

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