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Cuts to education have to be made … Just recently the New York State Senate passed a bill to end the use of seniority as a factor in deciding which teachers get fired. According to Larry Abramson “relying on seniority alone gives the ax to young, promising teachers” which has caused upset among parents, teachers and some senators. With problems of recession, deficits and budget shortfalls affecting public and private sectors, cuts and reductions have had to be made, even within education systems and programs. As more state senates have begun deciding what to cut and how to decrease costs, more questions regarding the standing laws of seniority and whether to keep them have been raised. Essentially the rule does not benefit the school system…show more content…
The author, Larry Abramson, writes this article with a clear goal in mind, to inform the reader the two sides (pro –seniority vs. anti-seniority) fighting for what they believe is right and how this will benefit or hurt the educational systems involved. His main purpose it to provide unbiased information of how the seniority laws work, and who is involved in the growing debates for and against it. Abramson describes how unions are facing large numbers of republican senators arguing against getting rid of seniority laws. Abramson gives brief description of how seniority works, what it means for each of the groups and for the students within the school systems. He uses words like momentum, aggravate and promising to create a tone of importance, hope and concern. Although Abramson presents the information in an equal way, I can see subtle traces of his pro-seniority views coming through. When Abramson uses sentences like “an uphill battle against a practice that is enshrined in law”, I sense that he is advocated for a change in the laws and believes it is a benefit to the educational systems and children as well. Just in the title of the article “Pressure Mounts To Ax Teacher Seniority Rules” ,Abramson creates a sort of excitement around an issue that is important, but will take time to resolve and gain either widespread support or will have no impact at all. Abramson does not have any forthright biases, but subtly shows his support for the ending of the laws by using a change in tone. The author uses fact versus opinion by using quotes from each side to show a direct thought from opponents of each side. His diction is primarily formal, but still relatable. The connotation behind the words that he uses make you feel contemplative, optimistic as well as determined to stay updated on the progress of the law and whether it gains more

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