Abrahamic Covenant Chart

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Abrahamic Covenant Chart In Genesis 12 we find the first instance and introduction of the Covenant established by God and Abraham. It is here that God favors Abraham by pledging to make him a great nation, to bless him, and to make his name great. Form this passage through the following chapters in the Book of Genesis we observe the authenticity of the promise. Also, from this passage on throughout the Book of Genesis, we find that the promise is often challenged, yet it remained secure and unconditional. At first glance, one may doubt the fulfillment of the promise due to unfavorable occurrences. In fact there are many instances where the promise is seemingly in jeopardy. Unnecessary lies, conflict of land, immoral sin, lack of faith, improper birth, and other troubles all put the promise in danger. Nevertheless, as the Book develops, God’s love is revealed and His word of promise remains true. The following chart tracks the promise of God made with Abraham through the Book of Genesis. This chart reveals content that displays the progression of the promise to Abraham and his offspring throughout the Book of Genesis. The first column gives reference to specific passages where progression of the promise is noted. The second column tells to whom the promise is spoken to. Next, the third column discusses the circumstances that appeal to the mention of the covenant or that surrounds the individual of whom the covenant is spoken to. Then, the fourth column tell the ingredients that compose the covenant for each instance. Also, the fifth column shows development of the covenant in the Book of Genesis. Finally, the sixth column tells of any change in content or emphasis to the
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