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Jeffrey W. Moore Bibli_410_D01 May 5, 2012 ABRAHAMIC COVENANT CHART INTRODUCTION The institution of the Abrahamic Covenant is found in Genesis Chapters 12-50. Initially understood by Abram to be fulfilled in his time, it is soon established to be an everlasting covenant to God’s chosen people. The understanding of this covenant is unfolded through historical events under the providence of God’s control. Many times it seems to be unraveling by man’s lack of faith and obedience, only to later be revealed that God indeed is working “behind the scenes” to fulfill the promise. Three things are at the heart of the covenant, of which is a one sided promise; Land (Canaan), Blessings (to and through the Abrahamic lineage), and Descendants (of which all nations and people are blessed/cursed). As one studies the Abrahamic Covenant, reason for faith and obedience in the face of the unknown and misunderstood becomes a prevalent theme. The following chart chronologically (note headings below, with brief explanation) explores the Abrahamic Covenant; GENESIS REFERENCE | ADDRESSED TO | CIRCUMSTACES UNDER WHICH IT WAS REITERATED | “INGREDIENTS” WHICH COMPOSE THE COVENANT | DEVELOPMENT IN THE BOOK OF GENESIS | ANY CHANGE IN CONTENT OR EMPHASIS | Instances by Chapter and Who was What was the What elements How was it What is seen Verse where the covenant the verse(s) context of the of the promise being disclosed as a shift Is found being instance were included and/or revealed people, place, directed to blessing, requirements. Is a portion or portions of the promise stressed. In conjunction with the Bible, this chart will be an

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