Abrahamic Covenant Essay

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Gen. 12:1-3 Abram Promise of Land, Great Nation, and A Blessing Abram received the Blessing through a Covenant made with God Original Covenant Gen. 12:7 Abram The Canaanites were in the land. Promise that God would give Abram this land Abram had just left his home and arrived in Canaan God showed Abram the Promised Land Gen. 12:17-20 To Pharaoh through plague The whole covenant God saved Abram’s marriage with Sarai from Pharaoh Preservation of the Covenant Gen. 13:14-17 Abram God Encouraged Abram after Lot left, and repeated His promise of a land and a nation Heirs should be as the dust of the earth Abram left his homeland and is directed by God and is now living in Canaan Emphasis is on the land and Abram’s heirs Gen. 14:19-20 Abram A reminder to Abram that God had “blessed” him. The whole covenant God delivered to Abram’s his enemies and kept Abram alive Emphasis on the fact the Abram was blessed Gen. 15:1-6 Abram Abram thought that God would bless him through his servant being his heir Heirs would be as innumerable as the stars in the heavens Abram is encouraged while he is waiting for an heir Emphasis on heirs Gen. 15:7 Abram Abram doubted how he would posses the land The Promised Land God brought Abram out of Ur of Chaldeans and promised to give him his own land Emphasis on the Promised Land Gen. 15:12-16 Abram Abram’s descendants in the Promised Land God promised that Abram’s descendants would come back into the land in the fourth generation Abram’s descendants would dwell in Promised Land Gen. 15:17-21 Abram God wants to show Abram that the covenant is a unconditional covenant God’s covenant is unconditional God passed through a divided animal alone to show that His covenant was unconditional Emphasis on the unconditional covenant Gen. 16:15-17:1 Abram Abram’s heir God speaks through silence for 13 years,

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