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Study of a Human: Discussion of Abraham Maslow Dianna Morgan National University Study of a Human: Discussion of Abraham Maslow Abraham Maslow was a brilliant scientist who never seemed to fully appreciate his own intrinsic worth. Yet, he found it in others, and studied it, and worked to define it in order to share it with the world. Throughout his life he was influenced by many circumstances: an unhappy childhood, a dominant male world, rules of a rigid science, World War II, fatherhood, aging, and illness. The events affected him,- changed him, yet he found the courage to perservere with his new approach to understanding the mind and human nature. His model may not have been perfectly defined or even complete, but with it, he gave people something for which they could strive for. He changed the way people thought about themselves, and in turn, changed the paradigm of psychology, paving the way for exciting new ideas and theories. Good intro, although some of the language is vague enough that it could apply to more people than just Maslow. Abraham Maslow, the Human Abraham Maslow said in an interview, “With my childhood, it’s a wonder I’m not a psychotic.” (Hoffman 1992, page #). He was the first-born of seven, to Jewish immigrant parents, in Brooklyn, New York. He was a lonely child with no friends. He felt rejected by his family, particularly his mother. She treated him “harshly” and he never forgave her. He spent most of his free time at the library escaping with books (Schultz & Schultz, 2008). The loneliness developed into a sense of inferiority. His parents called him “skinny” and “ugly” and commented on his large nose. Maslow believed that he was “ugly.”. In his generation, the “ideal” young man was athletic. He had physical size and strength. He was competitive and enjoyed activity. Maslow simply did not measure up.

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