Abraham Lincoln's Influence On American History

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What makes the President of the United States of America so important to the creation and influence of history? How do you grade such and influential person. Each president up to date has had a profound impact on what America is today. For good or bad, a president is responsible for the welfare and safety of the American people. Decisions by the president of the United States shape the American culture and define what it is to be an American. One president, in particular who shaped America was none other then our 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Looking back and analyzing President Lincoln can be a complex and tantalizing task. With every president comes responsibility. With their actions presidents like Lincoln will be questioned and judged through all of American history. To understand Lincoln, one must first look at who he was as an individual to understand the stance of what he felt was Important. Abraham Lincoln was born on the 12th of…show more content…
The hopes of both North and South for a quick war were shattered. The violence was just beginning. Lincoln called a late night emergency meeting. He was absolutely shaken. The South was thrilled. Political leaders had to come together and restate the purpose of the war. It was a full-blown disaster for the North. General McDowell was even accused of being drunk in the battle. Lincoln learned valuable lessons from this; he knew he needed to find military leadership he could rely on. It became his priority. He also became aware of his limited military experience and had more of hands on commander in chief. Immediately after Bull Run, Lincoln decided to change generals. Even though this was huge in the beginning of his Presidency, and it was a mistake at the time, Lincoln always rose from a problem. His lifelong habit of putting his thoughts to paper was a way of guiding himself through a difficult
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