Abraham Lincoln: The Most Influential Presidents In Our History

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Out Line I. Introduction Birthday: February 12, 1809 | Birthplace: Hardin County, Kentucky | College or University: none | | Occupation or Profession: Clerk, Store Owner, Military, Lawyer | President number: 16 | Political Party: Republican Died: April 15, 1865Most people can agree on the fact that president Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States is considered to be one of the most outstanding presidents in our history. He is known for his leading the country during the civil war and is cedited for abolish slavey. II. Successes and Failures 1831 – Failed in business 1832 – Defeated for legislature 1833 – Again failed in business 1834 – Elected to legislature 1835 – Sweetheart died 1836 – Had a nervous breakdown 1838 – Defeated for speaker 1840 – Defeated for elector 1843 – Defeated for Congress 1846 – Elected for Congress 1848 – Defeated for Congress 1855 – Defeated for Senate 1856 – Defeated for Vice-President 1858 – Defeated for Senate…show more content…
Wars/Slavery/Personal Life/Laws/EventsAbraham was regarded at one time as the “Great Emancipator” for his forward strides in freeing the slaves.Abraham Lincoln was sometimes called a military genius. He became a great wartime leader, making a high command directing the energies and resources of the county.Although Abraham Lincoln went through many horrible trials and discouraging moments during his life, he was still a very honest, generous, and decent young man. IV. ConclusionAbraham Lincoln is regarded by many Americans as the greatest president to ever hold office in the history of the United StatesAbraham Lincoln was a good president. He showed people that if you keep trying that you can make a difference in the world. Abraham Lincoln is a wonderful role model, especially if you plan on making a difference in something.

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