Abraham Lincoln: The Greatest President In US History

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Abraham Lincoln: The Greatest President in U.S. History For centuries, Americans across the nation have acquired a fascination, and an immense amount of respect for Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was a man of great character, and is best remembered for his honesty, generosity, determination, and strong belief in America. He accomplished an outstanding amount of success without the benefits of wealth, formal education, or other advantages that would give him a leg up in society. Growing up, Lincoln persevered through tough times, and worked his way up from the bottom to occupy the highest position in office as sixteenth president of the United States. He also left his legacy on American history as both the preserver of the Union, as well as the Great Emancipator. Ever since Lincoln’s unfortunate sudden death by assassination, people have acknowledged that his life story is an excellent example of what integrity, strong will, humanity, and an ambitious “can-do” attitude can accomplish. Early Childhood Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky on February 12, 1809. Thomas and Nancy Lincoln raised Abraham, and his older sister, Sarah, in a deeply religious, and impoverished environment growing up. Lincoln’s younger brother, Thomas, died…show more content…
Douglas, in a heated campaign for one of two United States Senate seats. The two politicians faced off over the main issue of expanding slavery beyond the states where it currently existed. Sensibly, Lincoln made a clear distinction between slavery where it existed, and the expansion of slavery into new territories. As the debates grew national attention, Lincoln was invited to speak in other states, and made himself a nationally recognized political figure. The national attention Lincoln received also resulted in the Republican Party accounting him as their presidential candidate for the upcoming 1860

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