Abraham Lincoln Ndash: The Greatest American President

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Abraham Lincoln – The Greatest American President Introduction Abraham Lincoln by many is believed to be the greatest president in United States of America’s history. He put fort the blue print of the nation we are today – a vibrant, multi lingual, inclusive democracy. President Lincoln greatest legacy to this great nation is that he gave it back its soul and he gave it a heart to forge ahead. He will forever be remembered for abolishing slavery and putting forth a reconciliation plan that was envisioned to bring equality and ability to pursue one’s dream to the citizens of this nation. This paper will shed light on life of the greatest American president of all time – Abraham Lincoln. There are…show more content…
It not only made people further west but also led to the subsequent gold rush. Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act 1862, which made provision of government grants for agricultural universities in every state. Pacific Railway Acts of 1862 & 1864, which granted federal government support to the construction of the United States' first trans-continental railroad. National Banking Acts of 1863, 1864 & 1865, which led the foundation of strong financial system in United States. Conclusion He was a grass root leader, a self made man with meager education and moderate family background, rises to become the president of one of the largest nations of the world. His presidency did the ground work to make America one of the greatest nations on this planet. He will always be remembered as the president who ended slavery in United States and laid the foundation of a multi-cultural pluralistic society we are so proud of today. References African American literature. (2008). The Civil War and Reconstruction. Retrieved December 5, 2008, from Encyclopedia Britannica Online: http://search.eb.com/eb/article-232349 George Heaven Putnam (1909) Biography of Abraham Lincoln. First published in

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