Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War Essay

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The Campaign of 1860 was a campaign that would decide the United States fate. There were two main candidates, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas; Buchanan had retired from public service. The South had said if Abraham Lincoln won the Campaign of 1860 and became the next President they would withdraw from the Union. Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency in 1860, having won two-thirds of the electoral votes, but he only had forty percent of the popular vote. President Abraham Lincoln had quite a bit to deal with: within the first four months of him becoming President seven states had already seceded from the Union, letting him know that he was not wanted as President. But Lincoln had a job to do: his main interest at this point was keeping the Union together, and he did not have any real concerns about abolishing slavery. When the southern states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas seceded they formed the Confederate States. The Confederate states had set out to attack Fort Sumter in 1861. Lincoln tried to halt this attempt by ordering the navy to blockade southern ports, this preventing the trade of the South's moneymaker, cotton. This also prevented the South from obtaining manufactured goods it needed from the North, goods that were essential such as guns and clothing the South could not produce for itself. The beginning of the war forced four more states to reluctantly join the Confederacy. Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Arkansas felt they had no other choice, due to the fact they also were slave states. The main problem the South had was that they did not have a Unified Army. They had regional pride: each state or region would have their own small army, and there was not a lot of unification. But they soon got their act together; when the first real battle of the Civil War took place at a creek called, Bull Run,

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