Abraham Lincoln Essay

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Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents in America. In his life time he change our country forever. He made changes that even effect us today. Even though some people disagreed with his opinions others came to love and respect him. Abraham Lincoln had one of the mot intersecting lives, some are filled with pride while other times his life was filled with sorrows. Abraham Lincoln had a very interesting life including his boyhood, his presidency, and his assassination. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky. Abraham was the middle child to Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. His older sister Sarah eventually dies during child birth and his younger brother Thomas Jr. dies during child birth. The Lincolns lived in Kentucky as a happy and respected family. This all changed though in December of 1816 when Thomas Lincoln was faced with a lawsuit challenging the title to his Kentucky farm. Thomas was forced to move the family to Spencer County, Indiana. During all of this Lincoln's mother soon died of milk sickness. This is when Lincoln's life changed forever because after the death of his mother his father married Sarah Bush Johnston. Abraham and Sarah became very close and she helped Lincoln in a lot of ways. Sarah pursued Lincoln to learn from books. She wanted Lincoln to adapt a good sense of education. Lincoln did just this on his free time from work he would read and self teach himself. The Lincoln's moved once again in 1830 because of their fear of another milk sickness outbreak. They moved to Macon County, Illinois. This is where Lincoln would spend the rest of his boyhood. After Lincoln finally moved out of his family farm he had 18 months of schooling and the rest was self education. He was an avid writer and loved poetry. Some people even considered him as being lazy. Although Lincoln loved the read he was also a very hard

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