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Abraham Lincoln Biography Boy Abraham was born February 12, 1809, in Springfield Illinois. As a young boy his mother died of the tragic milk sickness, an illness that is caused from poisoned cow’s milk. Abraham was at her side when she died. Soon after his mother’s death he became separated from his father. Abraham was very sad after the death of his mother and spent long lonely hours in the basement of his parents’ home and really never spent time with his father. This is the start of the life of one of the greatest president’s life. Teen/Jobs/Election for Senate Seat Young Abe had three jobs. Abe split logs for fences, he worked on boats, and he ran a store. He soon became interested in Law. He studied, and studied until he knew it all. Abe would go to the Town Square and talk about slavery. Later, he signed up to be a Senator. Abe later found out that he would have to face Steven Douglas, the previous Senator of the Town Square. Abe and Douglas were both very good talkers, but Steven Douglas came out on top. Election for President After the debate with Steven Douglas for the Senate seat Abe did not give up. Two years later Abe ran for President. This debate was not easy for Abraham his opponent was Steven Douglas, the man that beat him in a challenge for the Senate seat. This was Lincoln’s chance to win. After all of the debates Lincoln won the debates. Unfortunately Lincoln did not get the favor of the Southern States, because they needed the extra help on their plantations. Lincoln had the upper hand over the Northern states, because just like Lincoln they did not favor slavery. The Northern states provided the majority votes that lead to Lincoln being elected as the sixteenth President of the United States. He soon married Mary Todd Presidency The newly elected President had huge problems on his hands. Eleven states left the

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