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He was born 1678 in Wren’s Nest, Woodsetton, England. His father, John Darby, was a farmer and locksmith by trade while his mother, Ann Baylies, stayed at home. Abraham was descended from nobility, his great-grand mother having been an illegitimate child of the 5th Baron of Dudley. Her brother claimed to be the first to use coke as fuel for smelting iron, but didn’t make good quality iron so that thought was dismissed. This was one of Abraham’s biggest inspirations (to perfect his great uncle’s method). As a young boy Darby worked in the family forge and gained a good knowledge of various kinds of metalworking. When he turned of age, Abraham was apprenticed to a malt mill maker. As soon as his apprenticeship was over, Darby fell in love with and married Mary Sergeant. They were to have ten children, but only four would survive to adulthood. They moved to Bristol where Darby could set up a mill of his own, right along the seaport. While there he gained reputation for his skill and enterprise. Around 1702, Darby, along with some neighbors, formed the Bristol Brass Works Company. Stepping aside from his mill work, Darby went to…show more content…
It was placed along the busiest waterway in England, had many deposits of coal and iron near the surface all around the city, had an abundant supply of wood nearby, and a swift stream for power. A furnace was already in Coalbrookdale, but was broken from an explosion. Abraham found this to actually be a good thing because he had to redesign the furnace for his uses anyways. Darby entered the field of iron making even though it was in decline due the use of charcoal (which needed a never ending supply of forestry, which the land could not provide). It was also in decline because importing iron from Sweden, Russia, and the American colonies was cheaper and gave a better quality. These caused Darby to look for a new solution to making good iron, with the available

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