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About Young People And Their Leisure Time Essay

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  • on May 2, 2012
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How live the young people, what studies do they make, which are their ideas? Answers are given to us by a very serious inquiry accomplished by the magazine The Student: 120 questions were asked to 5110 secondary school students in 200 high schools of France.

The general picture which goes out of this inquiry is a picture which surprises a bit. Two secondary school students of three claim to be happy with their studies; eight of ten have good or even very good reports with their parents and six of ten know what they want to make later.

Little of them refuse the today's society; less than a quarter would like to change her; 40 % tell themselves for the government; 32 % are against. But let's look closely at the life of the medium licéen.

Three times on four, they live at their parents'. It is the girls who are the most watching and the least free.

If our medium secondary school student sometimes argues with his parents, it is first on the freedom of exits and of holiday; then, on school problems, ways of judging youth and, in last the politics.

Outside the hours of class, four secondary school students of ten pass from five to ten hours every week to a personal job in touch with their studies; three of ten, from ten to twenty hours.

Four subjects which they the best like are, in order: education physicue, mathematics, the French, languages. The material which they least like is geography. All reproaches which they make usual to the professors, the one who seems the most important, it is that they can't interest the pupils.

One of two believes in God, other one doesn't believe in it any more or has never believed in it (an inquiry made in 1972 showed that there was more than 60 % secondary school believers).

The general subjects which interest them most are in order: unemployment, attacks counters freedom in the world, wars and atomic bomb, ecology, the place of the money in the life of the man.

If they ask the secondary school students what...

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