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Pakistan Geography and population Pakistan is a sovereign country in South Asia with a population exceeding 180 million people. It’s bordered by India, China and Afghanistan and is the 36th largest country in the terms of area and 6th largest country in terms of population. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan.1 The population of Pakistan is young and growing rapidly, but is very unevenly distributed. The mountain areas in Pakistan are sparsely populated, while the metropolis of Punjab has more than 390 inhabitants per square kilometer. More than one third of the population are urban residents, migration to the big cities are very common since many people hope to find employment and a better life than in the countryside. Around one million Pakistanis are living in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East, where they usually work in the oil industry or in the construction industry. A large number of Pakistanis are also in Western Europe, especially in Britain. In the 1980s, Pakistan received about three million Afghan refugees, and even more came to the country during the civil fighting in Afghanistan in the 1990s. Although a few million Afghans have returned to their home country, it’s still estimated that around two million Afghans remained in Pakistan.2 Religion A vast majority, almost 97%, of the Pakistani population are Muslims. The rest is divided into Hindus and Christians, and even though the Hindus aren’t more than 1, 5%, Pakistan has the 5th largest population of Hindus. Islam is the premise of Pakistan's existence, and the country was founded to create a home for the Muslims who lived in the colonial India. Religion characterizes the everyday life strongly and nearly a third of the population is expected to faithfully follow the rules of Islam, but since the country's founder thought Islam was less religion and more something that was unifying, the

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