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You have the power to inspire people with the words that you write. Your “inspirational essay about myself” should encourage others, give them hope and motivate them to do better. When writing an inspirational essay about your life, you need to structure it in a way that teaches the readers an important lesson that they can apply in their everyday lives. Choosing a Topic Before writing your “essay about myself”, you need to do a deep reflection of your character and the things that you have done in your life. Think about your dreams, weaknesses, strengths, accomplishments and failures. Ponder about your childhood memories and experiences as you went through adulthood. List down the qualities and beliefs that describe who you are as a person. Choose the most interesting experience that you feel will create the greatest impact to your audience and make it as the main topic of the essay. You may choose a few aspects of your life that you want to talk about, but make sure that you focus on a few topics to avoid confusing your readers. Also, consider reducing your number of topics to comply to certain word counts or essay length. Essay Structure Once you have chosen the topic for an inspirational “essay about myself”, you should be able to expand on the chosen idea. Determine the message that you want to get across. Include any personal experiences or anecdotes that will help you deliver your message. Create a draft of your introduction, body and conclusion. Make sure that your introduction will hook and encourage your readers to finish reading your essay. Consider starting with an anecdote or an interesting statement that may intrigue or excite your readers. As for the body of the essay, make sure that it clearly lays down the core message that you want to deliver. It should then lead to a conclusion where you can include the final message and lesson for your

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