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What I Knew About My Dream Ever since I can remember, I have been a huge sports fan. I have always been captivated by the heart and hustle that each athlete puts into his or her position. The excitement in a sports game is like nothing else in the world to me. For instance, when a hockey player scores the game-winning goal, or when a basketball player beats the buzzer with a shot from half-court, the thrill is overwhelming. However, in my opinion, there is one thing that makes each and every game electrifying and that is, the announcers. Whether they are broadcasting on television or over the radio, the broadcasters make the game exceptional. Just over three years ago I realized that being an announcer is something that I might consider as my profession later in life. It was in January of 2000 that I turned on my radio one night and found a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game being broadcast. Up until that time, I had never really followed hockey before, but the announcer captivated my attention immediately. Since then I have not only followed the Lightning intensely but I have also paid a lot of attention to how each game is announced. Basically, I could say that John Ahlers (the announcer at the time) got me interested in the whole broadcasting and hockey fields. So, my purpose going into this I-search paper was to find out if a career in sports broadcasting is right for me. I already knew that sports broadcasting captured my attention and that the announcers must do a lot of preparation ahead of time for each game, but I wanted to find out exactly what the announcers actually do to prepare for each game and how they put it altogether. I believe that by interviewing Dave Mishkin (current radio broadcaster of the Lightning) and by reading a book written by a legendary announcer will give me a ton of information that I can not only use for the I-search paper but

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