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About Me Essay

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Good day, my name is Robert John Bailey. I was born in the Lyle McEwin Hospital in Elizabeth South Australia 1984. My father Steve lives in Perth working for the Australian Submarine Co-corporation. My mother Elizabeth, or Betty as she prefers, works in the hospital I was born as a Register Nurse. I went to primary and high school in South Australia before I then started as an Apprentice Electrician. I spent a large part of my time when I was young camping in different parts of the state with friends and holidaying around Australia. After a few different jobs I then moved to England for 5 years. On the way to England I spent a month in Thailand and travels to Barbados and Portugal while living in England. While I was in England I finished my Electrical qualification and worked in construction. I moved back to Australia and found My electrical qualification was not recognized, I to decided to further my education by enrolling with SAIBT. I am hoping that I will gain a qualification from UNISA so that I can find a respectable job so that I can work to live, not live to work. In my spare time I like playing my guitar and my PlayStation as well as four wheel driving trips on the weekend. I love my country of birth Australia and love exploring the hard to reach places and I encourage everyone to explore the country as I have done. I would like to thank you all for your attention and I would love to answer any of your questions. Thank you.

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