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Lauren Eng. 111 Ho1 David Hartman August 26, 2008 “Your instructor will be late.” What?! “Your assignment is to write an essay that contains three things your instructor should know about you.” A loud sigh echoed through the English classroom. As the clock ticked away thoughts were churning in my head. Finally, with only forty minutes to go I’ve made my decision. My instructor should know that I am very outgoing, determined, and goal oriented. Initially, I believe, one of my best qualities is that I am friendly and outgoing. In my free time I enjoy attending concerts, outings with my family, and any sports affiliated activity. I also love to meet new people and travel anywhere and everywhere. Next, I am very determined when it comes to many different aspects of my life. Since an early age I’ve been involved with a variety of sports teams. Every season, every team, every game I have shown determination to do my very best and to improve my skills the most I can. Another example to portray my determination is through my years of education. School has been one of my top priorities. My freshman year of high school I was determined to graduate in the top ten percent of my graduating class. My hard work paid off in the end. Also, when I was only four years of age my parents divorced. Since then I have been determined to maintain a good relationship with both my mother and father. Determination was taught me to be strong and always believe in myself. Lastly, my instructor should know that I am goal oriented. Throughout the years I’ve set many long and short term goals for myself. Although some were not met it was the principle of setting my mind on something and working hard to meet it. Some of my most important goals in life are to receive a degree in early education, have a good Christian family, and be a good example to both my children and students. My short

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