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Advertisement analysis I have analyzed two different kinds of alcoholic drinks. One is Lucky Dog cider and the other is Caribbean Twist cocktail. I think that these advertisements are meant for all people who are older than 18. And it means that the advertisement is trying to reach all age people above 18. At first I would like to describe the advertisement of Caribbean Twist. In this ad I can see two benefits that are emphasized. The first one is that it is a sparking blend of exotic fruits and the second is that it can refresh you in the hot summer days. On the contrary Lucky Dog promises you to taste the best cloudberry cider ever. And they have black and red currant cider too. If we talk about slogans, then I will say that Lucky Dog outrivaled Caribbean Twist, because there are no any slogans in Caribbean Twist advertisement while Lucky Dog says: Taste for optimists! I think that this is a quite good slogan. It is no humoristic, but when I saw it for the first time it took my attention. It was the first thing I saw in this advertisement. If we talk about the language which is used in these advertisements, then I will say that there is no important information in them. In Caribbean Twist add are no text at all. Two sentence. I think that it is too little for add. There is no mentioned any price. It does not contain a celebrity endorsement. It is quite boring. And the same is with Lucky Dog. There is no any important information in their advertisement. They wrote only that they have two different kinds of ciders and the capacity of the can is 0.5 liter. In the Lucky Dog advertisement I can see their logo and 2 different cans. The text is written in different shift too. Visually it is normal. Nothing special, while Caribbean Twist advertisement is visually enjoyable. The whole page is with big photo of their products. And there is a beach, sands, blue

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