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December 14, 2012 Dr. Niedich/ English II Ordinary People Ordinary People: Questions Q1. The film was really good. I liked the film. It was really interesting and the family was very interesting too. Out of all the characters in the movie Conrad’s mom was the one I personally thought was the most interesting and I disliked the most. She was a really interesting character. The thing I disliked most about her was that she didn’t really care about her own son, she always tried to repel him stay as far away from him as possible. It was because she had lost her elder son Buck, who she liked more than Conrad. Conrad’s dad was a nice guy. He really cared about Conrad and his mom. He always wanted things to be fine. He never wanted problems in his family; even though he had lost a son he wanted things to be normal. Conrad was an awkward kid. He was unpredictable; you never knew what he was going to do next. He had hate and sadness in his mind at all times. Later in the movie he started seeing a psychiatrist, who really helped him a lot. Conrad talked about everything when he went to the psychiatrist. Whenever he was feeling down in the dumps he would go to the psychiatrist and get his problems solved. The most interesting thing about the movie was its title, “Ordinary People” because their family wasn’t really ordinary; they had been going through a lot of problems, which were unordinary. Q2. The main character in this movie was Conrad’s mom, Beth. She is Conrad’s mom and she is supposed to love him and help especially because Conrad tried to commit suicide but Beth is different, she doesn’t like Conrad because she had lost her favorite son Buck. In the start of the movie Beth shows a little bit of interest in what her son is going through but as the movie progresses she always tries to repel Conrad. In the starting of the movie when Conrad used to be in bed she used

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