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Everything in the life of the people is mainly state-controlled, about 11 million people in total. As of now there are no private investments in Cuba except for a couple of countries like Venezuela, Canada, Spain, and Brazil, and a few others who are taking a risk because they(countries) have in some way socialist and communist tendencies. Communism that is in Cuba isn't actually true communism, because in Cuba what totalitarianism which is a dictatorship. This means all the power resides in one person(Fidel Castro Ruz) Tax limitations the government impose any kind of taxes or limitations in the income of the people, approximately 20 yrs back, Everybody have to volunteer to work in the country (farming) and the government will pay them whatever they decide that kind of work was worth. This is because the government says that education is free and thats what they get in return. There is no market competition because the USA impose an embargo on Cuba 53 years ago, and still is in use. Any country doing business with Cuba are supposed to be sanctioned and other countries have violated the embargo. Due to this, the united states have limited the commercial trade with those countries. They have commercial agreements with other countries that are communist like them such as China, North Korea, and Vietnam, to import goods since their food is in agriculture and focuses on cash crops. They keep their food and try to sell 75% of the food to a few other countries who are willing to actually buy. 25 years ago they only have Cuban Pesos, now they added another kind of cuban pesos. http://www.heritage.org/index/country/cuba

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