Abortions Essay

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Alvin Clewis May 11, 2013 Paper Close your eyes and imagine yourself as the mother of a child. Someone breaks into your house while everyone’s asleep in bed, and kills your daughter. The first thing you might ask is “Why?” For whatever reason you may never know, and if they ever told you why, would it actually justify or help the case of what they did? I’m sure not. I’ve never experienced the lost of a child and I’m sure most of you haven’t. However, if you ask a mother or father that have, I bet they would say that it’s the most unbearable pain, hurt, and anger any human can feel all in one. The emotions that they feel are probably so distraught that a lot of people lose it and can never be the same. In retaliation, some would kill that individual with no questions asked. It bothers me that we don’t feel the same way about abortions. Is there any difference between the two scenarios? Although there are exceptional circumstances in which abortions may be necessary, it is destroying our society by taking away our opportunity of life, hindering our youth and women, and robbing the best gift god could give to any woman. The one thing that God gives to everybody is the opportunity of life. We were blessed with the chance to live in this world. God gave us this opportunity and He stated that when it was time for us to leave this world, He would take us home. From the time a baby is conceived, it is life. About three weeks after the baby is conceived, you can hear the heart beating. When women or young ladies have abortions, they tend to have the procedure around the ninth week or later. At that point in time, the baby is not just a life; it is a living human being. “Facts show that at the eighth week of the pregnancy, the baby’s brain and all of its body systems are present.”( Prolife, 2) “Also at eight weeks the baby is able to make a fist, suck his

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