Abortion, a woman's right? Essay

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Abortion, a woman’s right? Thesis: Despite there are some extreme and unfair situations that sometimes force women to abort, I believe that abortion must be illegal with no exceptions. Opposing points of view: 1. Many women say that making abortion illegal will cause them to be treated like criminals when they are just victims from a real criminal that mistreated and abused them. 2. Also many groups like Pro-Choice or Catholics for the Right to Decide affirm that every woman owns her own body and nobody can tell them what to do with it. 3. Some others feel that if abortion is prohibited, it wouldn’t eliminate the practice of abortion, but it will only increase the number of women deceased. So, to protect women’s health and lives, we have to permit the practice of abortion. Supporting arguments: 1. sdf 2. Even the tiniest cell in the last part of us our body is written with the same structure and has exactly the same information. But the embryo has, from the very beginning, a totally different structure with different information and different DNA. 3. Even if this is true, it could not be a justification to authorize to kill the non born baby. Putting the mother’s life in danger it’s a free election that the woman do when she decide to abort. Abortion, a woman’s right? After several days of emotional national debate on abortion, the Supreme Court of Ireland, a Roman Catholic country, affirmed in 1997 that a 13-year-old girl who said she became pregnant after being raped by her uncle was free to travel to Britain for an abortion. The situation re-opened the debate on abortion and recalled a similar case in 1992 involving a 14-year-old girl who was at first refused, then granted permission to travel to Britain for an abortion. Many people, even if they call themselves Catholics, agreed with the Supreme Court decision because they

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