Abortion vs. Contraception Essay

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Religion and Science (4) 16 September 2011 Abortion vs. Contraception There is a constant battle with the pro-choice theme today. This encourages one to think and decide for their selves every aspect of life. Over mining anyone, because “you” are your own ruler; there is no one above “you.” “You” answer to yourself, and no one else. It is all about “you.” This pro-choice then evolves into pro-abortion supporters in which bluntly become pro-murder advocates. The killing of any life whether unborn or not is morally incorrect. The abortion debate is far more than a political issue. It can strike the heart of every society. Foolishly, some do not know where to draw the clear line at when life truly begins from the start and lose all respect for the unborn. Abortion at any time during pregnancy is the painful killing of an unborn child. Methods described such as dismembering, crushing, smoldering, and even burning during the procedures should automatically steer those with a sane mind away from it. Sadly, since 1975, there has been more than one million abortion procedures performed in the United States per year. There is nothing that can justify this. However, most women blame the cause on the interference that the child would have caused, or either that they could not afford the child. Abortion is never the answer. Where exactly life begins is the controversial issue today. Science enables us to know that at the moment an egg is fertilized, when the embryo attaches to the lining of the uterus, and when a baby’s heart first beats in its mother’s womb, we are created. All the genetic information humans possess is completed at the moment of conception. All we will become is present from that very first instant in which the mother’s egg is fertilized by the father’s sperm. This includes personality, body size, color of eyes and hair, and basic intellect. Science

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