Abortion Views in Different Cultures Essay

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Have you ever wondered how a culture different from yours reacts about the very same things that you yourself experience in your culture? Why are they different? They are different because their motives are different, morals are different, beliefs` are not shared the same way, and values are weighed differently. For instance, teenage pregnancy in the UN, UK, US, Caribbean and the Cultures within them respond differently and are affected in different manners. Teen pregnancy has always been a huge controversy in any case. In the U.S. by itself almost 896,998 teens become pregnant each year. Countries like the United Kingdom and the United States has a higly outstanding teenage birth rates comparing to the other countries. Teen pregnancy has not only just an aspect of social problems but emotional, economical, and health problems. We must first look at some causes of teen pregnancy. One reason we can say is, that it’s the lack of a good education. For many people, pregnancy is a very touchy subject and to be a teen and pregnant in a society where you are being watched by everyone will be very discomforting. In the course of research for this paper I have come across a young lady of hispanic decent age 16, a current sophomore at Maynard Evans High School. She is now eight months pregnant and is ready to have her first baby girl. I conversed and had a heart to heart with this beautiful young lady and these are the various questions on education, that I asked her: *“Did a role model figure, an adult, family member, or close friend talk to you about educating yourself on sex and pregnancy and how it can affect you and how those in your spanish community view you, now that you are pregnant?” --- she replied, “I knew when this subject came around, my mother would get very tense, due to the fact that my father was the one who crossed me over the line of

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