Abortion: the Choice Is Yours to Make Essay

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English 111 T September 23, 2012 The Choice is Yours to Make With presidential elections coming up pretty quickly this year, political issues are weighing on everyone’s minds. Many American citizens are debating one of the most controversial issues right now – abortion. The question is whether or not abortion should become illegal. However, the government should not be allowed to take part in controlling what a woman does with her body. If religion is used as a guideline for America's government, it will tear the people of this country apart. Alternative methods of abortion are dangerous, and they will harm women if abortion is banned. American citizens should be able to keep their freedom to make a choice by keeping abortion legal. There are a lot of people arguing and campaigning to make abortion illegal. There are some good points, in fact, but none of them justify making it completely illegal. People say that abortion is murder. This is a weak argument because people have different opinions of which stage a zygote is considered a person. To say that an egg has a soul from the point of conception is generally a religious belief. That brings us to the religious argument that abortion is a sin. The American government cannot make a law off of one group of people’s beliefs. Some try to appeal to emotion, saying ‘your mother chose life’. The keyword here is chose. That woman had a choice, and the choice itself should always exist for them. Abortion should not be illegal because that is telling a person what they can or cannot do with their own bodies. A woman’s body is her own, and she has the right to make her own choices. That woman made the choice to get herself into the situation and she should be able to choose how she wants to handle the situation. Just because a woman is pregnant should not mean that she does not have options. Pregnancy can happen to

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