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Let Them Live Abstract: Abortion is a controversial subject, Pro-life against Pro-choice. I believe abortion should be considered murder and be illegal. There are there more options than terminating a unborn babies life. In addition, abortions are harmful physically, emotionally and psychologically to the women who get them. All of my research was done on the internet to prove what is wrong with abortion. Finally, I learned that abortion is never the right choice no matter what the situation is. The Pro-life versus Pro-choice debate remains an ongoing controversy in the United States. The pro-life position advocates that abortions are morally wrong and need to be stopped or made illegal. The pro-choice position, on the other hand promotes women’s right to choose what she does with her baby and her body. How abortions are conducted is not normally brought up in the debate but there are various types of induced abortions during the first, second, and third trimesters. Should abortion be legal? Even though women should have the choice to do what they want with their bodies and unborn young, Abortion should be illegal and looked down upon everywhere, because there are more options than terminating a life and having an abortion is harmful physically, emotionally and psychologically as well. Abortion is murder. There are different types of abortion. In the first trimester, micro-abortions are done by taking a contraceptive pill, or suction-aspiration is conducted by opening and inserting a tube with a knife on the end into the womb and obliterates the baby into pieces, the Dilatation & Curettage technique is achieved the same way. Many complications could happen if suction-aspiration or D&C are not done properly. In the second trimester, a large needle is injected through the mothers’ abdomen wall into the baby’s amniotic sack and a chemical is placed into

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