Abortion: The Pro-Life Decision Essay

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The most common and unnecessary form of infanticide is an abortion. The abortion rate of America alone is shockingly high and yet increases every year. So why are so many women choosing to end the lives of unborn babies that weren’t even given the chance to live? For most women, the reason is social issues: they may not feel ready or prepared to have a baby, they may be too young or they just view their pregnancy as a mistake. No matter the reason, abortions are not acceptable and we, as Americans, should fight as hard as we can to diminish them just like we would, murder or terrorism. Since abortions have become such an everyday procedure, scientists and physicians have developed many ways to perform them. One way, if the fetus is 12 to 14 weeks old, being through the use of vacuum aspiration equipment. After the women’s cervix is dilated with steel rods, the surgeon forces the cervix open little by little until it is wide enough for contents to be removed through it. A syringe especially designed for these procedures creates a vacuum inside the women and the suction pulls the contents out of the uterus, including the fetus, so that it is on the outside. For the last step, the physician makes sure to scrape the walls of the uterus using a curette and once he is finished, the women is once again without child. Performing an abortion anytime after this period can be dangerous because by this time the uterus and blood vessels are much larger, and if these fluids enter the mother’s circulatory system it could cause a disruption of the blood-clotting system. Non-surgical abortions include the injections of prostaglandin and other materials. These procedures usually cost around $372. The abortion business itself manages an outstanding $400 million per year, an industry that obviously continues because of the high payments, and not because of moral justice. Abortion

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