Abortion Persuasive Essay For Or Against Pro Choice?

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Abortions Are you pro-choice? Maybe you are pro-life, who knows maybe you aren’t sure. I’m not here to persuade you either way but I will give you a few facts to go off of. Let’s start with pro-choice, what is pro-choice? It is your belief that the fetus is not a human, rather just a mass of tissue. So let’s look at this, illegal abortions have no real number to it. No one reports their illegal acts. So if someone tries to tell you there were ‘X’ number of illegal abortions they are only guessing. Since the 1940’s the death rate of women after receiving an illegal abortion has significantly dropped once new antibiotics were introduced. Between 1967 and 1970 sixteen states legalized abortion, but it was limited to certain standards and reasons…show more content…
You can although follow a few steps, become personally involved and then also educate yourself. Take initiative and volunteer at a pregnancy help center, educate others as well. Lobby your elected officials and write to them, write to make pro-life known. Vote, support and pray it might just be that one prayer that can touch a soul. Take a look at each side of the spectrum. You might agree or disagree with either side. Possibly pro-choice features good points such as looking at overpopulation. How about a rape victim should the child live or be aborted? You might decide a few key elements of the pro-life decisions are worthwhile, such as preserving the safety of the mother and unborn child. Your religion could also take precedence over abortions. As for myself I am undecided. Personally if I had to make the decision to keep a child that I created unintentionally I would fight for pro-life, and love the child unconditionally. Although if I were to be asked by a friend or a random person what choice should be made I would have to consider their situation. I would also do my personal best to help educate the person on both sides pro-choice and
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