Abortion Is Not The Only Way Out Essay

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Abortion is not the only way out of problem Child is a gift from God for the parents where each and every married couple would always dream about having it. It is a really precious gift for them as their marriage life would be very wonderful and yet meaningful with the presence of a child. However, things would not be the same for the unmarried couples and this will always lead to a simple solution for the sin they have committed that is abortion. Therefore we are going to look deeply into two short stories “A Great Injustice” by Heah Chwee Sian and “The Merry Maid” by Jayakaran Mukundan in order to hold up the position ‘abortion is not the only way out of problem’. Abortion is a termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of a fetus or embryo from the uterus, resulting in or caused by its death. Usually woman who is desperate, mistake pregnancy or unwed mother tends to seek for this medical treatment due to clear up their name, financial problem and yet for the sake of the child itself from being humiliated by the society when they grow up. When we view abortion in religious perspective, each and every religion itself forbid their people from doing this such thing as the child itself have the right to live and it is a sinful act for killing them. As a result, again, we are going to see that abortion is not the only way out of problem for an unwed pregnancy woman in these two short stories. In these two stories, we have found a wide range of perception about on how those unmarried couples rise above their problem of pregnancy. In ‘A Great Injustice’ where Ah Nya and Steven faced this problem, there has been an inequality treatment given by Steven as he is the one who suppose to be responsible for the pregnancy but he himself take things for granted and neglect to take any further action upon it, “Steven glanced away from her; he could not face

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