Abortion: Heartbeat Bill Essay

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Social Welfare Position Paper Ohio House Bill 125 By: Chris Evans There is something in our country that is inhumane, barbaric, and just plain wrong – this is abortion. Abortion has been a very controversial topic in our country for many decades. Current policies on abortion make it legal to be able to receive an abortion; however, with the recent passage of House Bill 125 (HB 125) through the Ohio House of Representatives, soon this could quite possibly change. HB 125, also known as the Heartbeat bill, is the answer to most pro-life individuals’ prayers by making it illegal to receive an abortion if there is a detectible fetal heartbeat, if it is enacted into law (Janet Folger Porter, 8-10-11). Various debates, constitutional nature, and abortion/House Bill 125’s representation in texts all show the corrupt and illegitimate existence of abortion. One topic of disagreement regarding abortion is the moment when the fetus actually qualifies as a living human being. Those who identify themselves as pro-life believe that a baby is alive at the moment of conception; whereas those who identify as pro-choice believe a baby is not alive until it exits the womb. It has been scientifically proven that a fetal heartbeat can be detected as soon as 22-23 days following conception (Linda Hinkle, 6-14-11). The earliest a heartbeat has ever been detected is 18 days following conception (Robert Defrank, 3-7-11). This scientific evidence supports those who hold a pro-life position and also provides backing for HB 125. Another issue in the abortion debate is the question of whether or not taking the right to have an abortion away is constitutional. Killing someone is unconstitutional, and is, in fact, illegal. If an unborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected as early as 18 days after conception, when an abortion occurs the abortionist is in turn killing the living baby, which is

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