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| Abortion Essay | | Persuasive Essay | | Abortion Essay | | Persuasive Essay | For Mrs. Macneil June 18th Authored by: Joscelyn For Mrs. Macneil June 18th Authored by: Joscelyn Why abortion should remain legal. Did you know that it is estimated that as much as 80% of unwed teen mothers end up in welfare? It seems that abortion is becoming a very suitable action to take under many circumstances for some woman. Abortion is the answer people all over the world are turning to when they are unprepared for birth, cannot support a baby, or are not responsible for the conception (rape). It has been, and always will be a woman’s choice and only her choice whether or not she births the baby. In 1973 abortion was legalized by the Supreme Court, now there is a proposal to shut down all abortion clinics. Abortion should remain legal because every woman deserves a right to decide whether or not to end the pregnancy. Before the legalization of abortion in 1973, many women attempted their own abortions, or went to untrained doctors who decided to perform their own abortions in unsanitary conditions or by using uncivilized methods for cheap prices. Thousands of woman suffered severe and serious medical problems, or even died. Legal abortion is safer than a tonsillectomy, an appendectomy, and a shot of penicillin. By keeping these professional abortion clinics open, it ensures that woman will receive the safest, most sanitary and best abortions available in a great environment. Injuries will decrease, and not have to happen. If clinics shut, and the woman decides to spend time and money to go to another country where abortions are legal, they will have to risk waiting longer into their pregnancy, therefore making it more dangerous for the woman. Prolife activists say that a mother is literally “murdering their child”, because their

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