Abortion Essay

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Name: Eddie Ray Daken Class: CWV-101 Date: 07/05/15 Instructor: Numa Gomez Ethical Dilemmas Abortion is immoral because a human fetus is a child, it encourages irresponsibility among people, and there are sometimes spiritual beliefs that abortion is murder. Abortion in today’s society individuals believe that it is alright to have an abortion because if someone is not able to provide for a child, or is not ready for one then by all means have an abortion. There are other views that are more sensitive when it comes to abortion and those have to do with religion and the church in whole, and individual views, and opinions. In the bible it states in (Exodus 20:13, “You shall not murder,” and in Deuteronomy 5:17, “You shall not murder.”) That is my core belief as a Christian not to kill as well as following the commandments. Then there is a professional view and that would be the clinics that give the procedure and the politicians that make the laws and of course anybody that stands to make a buck on abortion. Abortions can be obtained as early as one to twenty four weeks by federal law and state law depending on what state the person resides in can be different. There are various definitions of what a human being is, or a fetus is so it is unclear but if a human being is someone that has a heartbeat, breathes, has a pulse, or thinks then a fetus should be considered a living human being and given all those rights that are given to other human beings. Every life has the right to live if a women has the right to make decisions about her body then a fetus, which is a life should have those same rights as well even if that fetus has not yet been born. The Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal, that they are given rights, and among these rights are life. This implies that all creatures are created equal, and have the right to have a chance

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