Abortion Essay

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Sanitria Remus K O’Brien ENGL 1020 2 May 2012 Abortion: Legal or Illegal Over the years the idea of abortion has been one of the most controversial issues throughout the United States. There have been many arguments regarding abortion when it comes to religious issues and legal issues. Up until now, women continue to have abortions whether it is performed legally or illegally. A number of individuals believe that abortion should be legal because of freedom of choice. On the other hand, there are many individuals who believe abortion should be illegal because they consider abortions to be an act of ‘murder’. Having said that, I believe that abortions should continue to be legal because the mother may possibly face a life threating risk during pregnancy, the unborn child could be born with a defect that may cause suffering to he or she and the family, and the unborn child could be a product of rape or incest. In 1973 Roe v. Wade case, the abortion law was decided by the courts. Most states banned legal abortion unless the women’s life was in danger. The debated case Roe v. Wade transformed the viewpoint on abortion. In that year, the U.S. Supreme Court came to a decision that allowed both a women’s right to terminate a pregnancy before fetal capability and the states legitimate interest in protecting the women’s well-being and the possibilities of the fetus’s development (NAF 2010). The law prohibited states from completely banning abortions to protect the fetus before a pregnancy in its third trimester. It’s also ruled that during the final trimester, a woman could acquire an abortion only if she could verify that her life or even her health would be at risk if the pregnancy was continued (NAF 2010). This ruling provided women the ability to making their own decision of aborting an unborn child based on her own rights and beliefs. As of 1973 to the

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