Abortion - Another Form Of Murder Essay

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Abortion Exposition DRAFT| Grace Edwardes Would you ever murder a person; your own child even? Abortion is practically this. The practice is generally accepted by the public, because for people like unprepared teenagers and women carrying down syndrome children, sometimes it seems like the only way out. What these people don’t realize is that young, unborn fetuses are as much a person as a 90 year old great grandmother. As accepted by almost all modern day biologists, life begins from the moment of conception. As civilized people, none of us in this room would ever take the life of another human who has never wronged them; so how is abortion any different? The most popular procedure of surgical abortion involves the woman taking a pill. The doctor then proceeds to enter the body and rid the uterus of its lining, along with any fetuses that may be embedded in its walls. Does that sound righteous to you? I believe that abortion should not be used as just, “another form of contraception” because abortion is taking a life, and with 500,000 Australian families on waiting lists to adopt children, slaughtering these children is obviously not the only answer. Also, who made it acceptable for parents to take away the life of their unborn children? Every abortion represents a baby that never got to be held in its fathers arms, a child that never got to learn how to ride a bike, a teenager that never got to graduate school, an adult who never got to chance to marry and have children, a life that never got the chance to flourish. Many a time, women who abort their babies are young, with hardly any life experience at all. They often regret their choice after the procedure has been completed, which causes severe psychological stress and emotional pain. In addition to these horrible side effects, the Australian Board of Medical Hospitals has said that the rates of

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