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Abortion Easing Restrictions on Minors’ Abortion Rights The word Abortion seems like a very cruel word to end one’s life without regard of what the outcome could be for that living person. Today’s adolescents between the ages of 15-19 are having unwanted pregnancies and consideration of abortion is the sole option to terminate the pregnancy. In the 1980’s research has been conducted to adolescents of the same age group of 15-19 years of age and after numerous court cases it is still undecided whether or not parental notification should be known to one or both parents. Most minors would rather risk their lives than to disclose to their parents that they are pregnant and embarrass themselves with them. In the late 80’s there was this girl named Becky Bell who was 17 years of age who died from an abortion which was conducted outside the care of medical attention. While the parents of this girl consider if there wasn’t parental notification or consent laws their daughter would be alive today. Parental notification laws are in place to allow either the minor or health care provider to notify the parents before an abortion is conducted. Parental consent laws are in place to allow one or both parents to give their permission to have the abortion conducted. “Research shows that for adolescents aged 15-19, the risk of mortality attributable to pregnancy and childbirth is over 20 times that of legal abortion.” (Minor’s Abortion Rights) If society wants to decrease all the issues that make adolescents consider abortion due to unwanted pregnancies, we need to make available contraceptive services and proper sex education classes that will educate them and help them to be more responsible when conducting sexual activities. There should be no obstacles in there way once they are pregnant if they wanted to terminate the pregnancy. However there has to be an alternative which

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