Abortion Essay

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It’s the topic that Democrats love to defend and Republicans love to attack. That’s right. I’m talking about abortion. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, according to Google. I know many people (most likely a Republican) will try to debate the side of that this is murdering a life until their little hearts content. From the point of view of a non-Republican, I believe that this is the only valid argument that they will ever have. And the argument isn’t even true. According to About News, all abortions happen in the first trimester, when a fetus cannot survive apart from its mother. By then, it is attached by the placenta and umbilical cord, which means that its health is dependent on her health, so it cannot be regarded as a separate person until it is able to exist outside her womb. Another argument may include something like “Instead of having an abortion, she can give it up for adoption.” I agree this is a very well thought out alternative. However, the beauty of women’s choice is that the women gets to decide whether or not she would like her body to go through the stretch marks, the moodiness, the strange cravings, or aching feet all for her child who in the end she’s not even allowed to keep. Not to mention, I know abortion can’t be a peaceful process, but I can’t imagine adoption being any better. Imagine going through the nine months of pregnancy, feeling the baby kick, getting smiles from passing strangers, the eagerness to see your baby for the first time and then giving birth and having your baby taken away from you because you’re not in any position to take care of it. Abortion is the most common topic in which people will simply twist the facts to make them sound evil or inhumane. While it may be unpleasant, abortion is in no way, shape, or forms a type of

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