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Hot-Button Issue: Abortion Jim Buie wrote an article published in the Newsweek Web Exclusive on June 17, 2009. In it he referenced the hot-button issue of abortion. His personal story is very touching and holds a lot of emotion. If one cannot connect and sympathize for him after they have heard it all then they must be very set in their ways about abortion. Buie says, “abortion was not an option for my parents when Jon was born back in 1949.” He understands that raising a child with Down syndrome was very difficult. This option of abortion might have been a solution to his family’s problems, instead of knowing their whole lives that they essentially gave up on their brother and son and sent him away. In cases like this I understand both sides of the struggle. I see how someone who is pro-life would say having Jon and sending him away to strangers for the entirety of his life is better than having him aborted because every life is precious. In their minds they believe God made Jon this way for a reason, whether that be a blessing or a lesson for Buie’s family. I can also comprehend why a pro-choice person would say the opposite. They might say why keep this fetus alive when his life is going to turn out to be nothing close to normal and living in an institution that takes care of these people for fifty years is not a life that anyone would want. The battle between pro-life and pro-choice is so complicated and messy. It is hard to say that one side is completely correct in everything they say. In my opinion I think women should have the choice as to what they want to do with their bodies. Maybe I think this because I am a woman and if I was ever in this situation I would like to be able to make my own decision. For many reason I think an early-term abortion is acceptable to do. In many states in the United States of America an early-term abortion is done up

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