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Speaking Positive About Abortion Mary Gonzalez Bcom/275 02/01/2014 Morris Polston Abstract “The fact is that though abortion is legal, it is NOT safe and easy, nor respectful of the woman.” (Frank, 1999). This were the words of Fr. Frank Pavone National Director of Priests for Life. The truth is that abortion is one of the safest medical procedures, and in my opinion is one of the most important rights of a women. We all want to reduce unplanned pregnancy and all thought there are others ways to reduce the pregnancy, the truth is that many countries and people are not educated enough to know. “National polls have consistently shown continued support for abortion rights over the years, with more people identifying as pro-choice than "pro-life." A strong majority (60%) of Americans have consistently and strongly voiced support ofRoe v. Wade and keeping abortion legal over the past decade.” ("Pro Choice And Proud", 2010) Speaking Positive about Abortion As there are different views on many subjects, the right to abortion has been around for many years. Many people have different views on this, for example the article Abortion: A choice Against Women writing by Fr. Frank Pavone National Director of Priests for Life has outlines the dangers of abortion. In his article he states: “Abortion is often presented as an issue of "women's rights". It is seen as something desirable for women, and as a benefit to which they should have as much access as possible.” ( Frank 1999). But the truth is the abortion is one of the safest procedures in America. Going back “1880s and 1973, abortion was illegal in all or most U.S. states, and many women died or had serious medical problems as a result.” (Susan, and Beth, 2006). So this makes me wonder, where they got their information from. Are they going back to the 1880 and 1900 to say that abortion is not a safety

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