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What is Abortion? An abortion is when a pregnancy is ended to prevent the birth of a child, which is sometimes called “termination of pregnancy.” Pro-Life is the position taken by a group of people who believe human life is created at the moment of fertilization. Pro-Choice is the stance a person believes that women have the right to choose to terminate or keep the pregnancy. Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice both refer to science data in determining their point of view of human life. The beliefs of Pro-Life and Pro-choice can be supported not just through science, but also through constitutional right of human life and choice. Women have fought for their rights to have an abortion by their choice. However, the main argument on abortion is, when is life considered living during pregnancy to contemplate abortion as murder. Pro-Life organization’s debate is belief that life begins at conception. Murder is the term that pro-life groups use in order to get the message across to women, that abortion at any stage of pregnancy is referred to as murder (“Pro-Life Argument Against Abortion 4). The fetus’s rights are then being violated by those who have abortions and; therefore, goes against the Fifth Amendment do process (“Association of Pro-Life Physician”12). The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that, ”no person shall be deprived of his or her life without do process of law” (Pro-Life: What Does It Really Mean? 7). Although is conflicted by the Fourteenth and Nine Amendment, which protect a woman’s right through abortion, do to the right of privacy and the right to forbid states from taking away someone’s life, liberty, or property. Nevertheless, pro-life believers have also put out a confusing message called “pro-life with exception,” which says abortion is wrong but should be legal if rape, incest, or if the baby is handicapped (Pro-Life: What Does It Really Mean

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