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Abortion Lynnette Williams Critical Thinking CRT/205 11/03/2013 Demetrica Todd-Hunter “Abortion” Introduction An abortion is medical or surgery procedure about who unwanted a pregnancy mothers. Unwanted mother pregnancies are private lives of mother’s personal lives. An abortion have a human right since 1973 but supports and opponents are struggling with their public opinions, legislatures and courts because supports and opponents are care of babies who unwanted to be mothers. An abortion handles with medical issues, ethical, social issues, basic biological, ethical issues, legal abortions, Challenging by laws, and toward the future in the united stated. In before 1973, an abortion was illegal in the united states because they don’t have a law at this time but expect in extreme circumstances involving the health reason they can do abortion for expect only. The supports or opponents cherish for their health because of possible complication with any type of kind of medical or surgery procedure can also cause exceeding blood and damaged to the uterus and the female organ in which the fetus develops, even resulted death. Therefore, our ethical and social issues are debating about people’s opinions for women are their body. An abortion gave a few ideas for women are “pro-life”, “anti-life”, and “pro-choice” but opponents called them an abortion is murder because it considered that the most common medical issues associated with abortion is infection, a potentially serious and life-threatening problem. In fact, our abortion laws in the united states had been change dramatically in early 1970s as a result of the women’s rights movement but U.S. supreme court had a ruled that restrictive laws against abortion were unconstitutional and violated a women’s right but it important that the point out that unborn children are legally considered persons in other

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