Abortion Essay

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Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a woman’s pregnancy. I strongly believe if it is a woman’s interest to get an abortion, then they should be able to get one. No questions asked. It is the woman’s body and it is her decision what to do with that body. I believe woman have the natural right to abortion because: woman should want their children, woman should have total control over their body, if abortion is illegalized the ‘back alley’ abortion would go up, and because abortion is not murder. Women should be able to have control over their bodies. If the government were to make abortion illegal, that would take away women’s natural right of abortion. Taking away a woman’s choice of abortion is taking away their rights. If a 16 year old gets raped and ends up getting pregnant, why should the government force her to keep the baby? Rape is defined as the forcible imposition of a man onto a woman for sexual intercourse. Rhetorically speaking, if I were a woman and I got raped I would have an abortion immediately. If some freak raped me I would not want that unwanted tainted child growing in my body. All women should have control over their body, if they want an abortion, more power to them! Prior to medical advancements and you could not get an abortion from a doctor; woman would be relying on ‘back alley’ abortions. In 2003 there were 48 percent of all abortions were considered unsafe. The most popular ‘back alley’ method was to use a sharp object or wire to break the amniotic sac inside the womb. ‘Back alley’ methods are extremely dangerous and can cause death. It can lead to infection and can damage internal organs. If abortion becomes illegal I am 100 percent positive woman will turn back to ‘back alley’ methods of abortion. Many people believe woman do not have the natural right to abortion because they think abortion is murder.

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