Abortion Essay

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Abortion is one of the many controversial issues in our society today. Many believe that it is immoral for one to have an abortion, while others believe it is simply their choice and they have that right to do what they choose with their body. This learner believes it is a woman’s choice to get an abortion whether some believe it is immoral or not. The main problem with abortion is that many find it to be immoral. In some cultures, abortion is against one’s religion and by aborting a living fetus inside of a woman’s body is one of the many conflicts people have with this issue. As stated from the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), in 2005 it was reported that an estimated 1.21 million abortions took place in the United States and from the years 1973 to 2005 more than 45 million were legal in the United States. This controversial issue has been viewed as a fear in society because in 2003 ten women died due to complications of a legal induced abortion as stated by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC). Americans fear women will die as a result of abortions or will have complications later on down the road trying to get pregnant, but the major concern American’s have with abortion is that it is simply immoral; "The moral scandal of abortion tops my list…not because murder is worse than other moral evils, but because of the massive numbers of this killing field and intentionality of so many to put self-gratification, greed and political advantage above life itself," [Jeff Farmer of the Open Bible Churches Des Moines, Iowa, www.christianpost.com “Evangelicals: Abortion, Moral Relativism Top Moral Issues List”]. Jeff Farmer of the Open Bible Churches of Des Moines, Iowa believes it is selfish for a woman to think her own personal choice is above life. There are many American’s out there in the world that agree one hundred percent with Farmer, but there is also the other

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